Dining Hall:

          Full kitchen with walk out freezer

          Sheltered outside area with picnic tables and grill




          Capacity- 225

          Equipped with A/C & Heat


Smaller Chapel:

         Capacity- 40


Shower House:

         Toilets and two showers on each side


Snack Shack Building:

        Equipped with freezer/refrigerator/popcorn machine

        Other end equipped with recreation equipment washer/dryer 



Lodging Options:


15 RV hookup sites- 7 with full hookup capabilities


Twelve cabins with A/C- sleep 3 to 12, depending on which cabin is chosen


Six cabins with private kitchenette, bathroom, A/C, heat-  sleep up to 9


One cabin is handicap accessible with a bathroom- sleeps 3


Family Dorm-

      6 rooms- 4 rooms sleep 4, 2 rooms sleep 6

      Main bathrooms are located here- 3 toilet stalls, 3showers                       each side (men/women)


Solid Rock Building-

     Split into two large rooms, sleep 12 on each side


Restful Haven-

       Sleeps 6





Services & Options Available:


LCD Projector (daily or weekly rental rates)

Sound System

Meeting Room

Large Kenmore Outdoor BBQ


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6301 5th Avenue N

Towner, ND 58788

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TEL: 701-256-5933 

         701-728-6951 (during camp only)


E-MAIL: dmsmith@utma.com

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