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Mt. Carmel Camp is located east of Granville, ND, on 120 acres of tree-covered sand dunes. Some local residents still refer to it as Grogan’s Grove for the rancher who homesteaded the property in 1890.


The first camp at Mt. Carmel was held in 1907 by the McHenry County Holiness Association (later the Holiness Methodist Church). In1969 the Holiness Methodist Church became a part of the Evangelical Church of North America. The Western Conference of ECNA (North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming) and a leadership team from the North Dakota ECNA churches oversee program and facilities at Mt. Carmel.


In 2002 a renovation of existing buildings and the construction of new buildings began. Although buildings and facilities are important in the ministry of Mt. Carmel Camp, the goal and focus of ministry has remained the same since 1907.




MISSION: In partnership with the church to provide powerful experiences in a safe and scenic setting.


VISION: Experiencing who God is through a camping environment and preparing hearts for hope and a future.

“Even though the customs and conveniences changed somewhat over the years, the real focal point has always been what God could do in a human heart.” (Vernon Aarnes, ECNA pastor; son of Palmer Aarnes, Holiness Methodist pastor who served in Granville)

"If the voices of preaching, prayer, and praise down through the years were to re-echo through these hills, it would be the sound of mighty, rushing water.” (The Advocate)

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